Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dec. '15 - Jan '16

It's been a busy few months. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and now we are a week from February! Where did the time go?! And A LOT has happened!!

We went to WA to my brothers house for Thanksgiving for a few days.  And little miss Hannah ate pretty much every thing we did!

Then Mike finished his first semester of grad school and did AWESOME!!

(Hannah and I locked our selves in the bathroom to get ready for our date night with daddy after his last final of the semester!)

For Christmas we went to western WA to Mike's parents house.  It was so nice to be able to see Mike every day ;) and just relax with family :) She loved roaming/crawling around and playing with her cousins :)

Hannah learned how to climb stairs while we were there; Yes, she went all the way up by her self!!

First attempt to see Santa...

First First Christmas as a family of 3 and first ponytail 😀 
I love the holidays with kids! 
Yes, I have to shower and put makeup on before opening gifts on Christmas morning, any one else have to do the same?!

Second attempt to see Santa; local Walmart

Happy New Year!!

This semester has been a rough start for all of us; the first week of school we all got sick. When Mike got sick he missed a few days of school, so he is still trying to play catch up.  But I think he only has one or two assignments left!!  

And we have been enjoying some time in the snow! :)

She LOVED walking in the snow!!

The Dukes

Friday, November 20, 2015


It's a been a crazy busy last month!!
We had a fun Halloween and didn't dress up!! :) (I HATE dressing up).
Mike and I also went to the WSU vs. Stanford football game in the rain, in Pullman, WA
It was a blast!!

We had a fun time celebrating Mike's birthday.
My sweet friend stole me away for a little bit and helped me decorate Mike's carol (desk) at school! She then offered last minute to babysit so we could go out to eat and we had a nice relaxing time!
We first ordered some hot chocolate and added sprinkles to the top and I said oh that's perfect because to day is hit birthday!
Then they ended up not cooking my meat like I asked and the waitress noticed so she stole my plate (keep in mind that I had eaten half of my plate of other food already). So she took it back to the kitchen to cook it more.  She came back and said since we messed up your order we would like to offer a free piece of pie while you are waiting. I got apple pie and Mike helped me eat it.  Mike pretty  much finished his dinner by the time they came back with mine. The manager brought it out to me and apologized. I had a BRAND new plate of the Whole meal! Then when we were done they offered Mike a piece of pie to go since it was his birthday!
And we got free refills on our hot chocolate!
That was the best birthday dinner we've ever had!!

I got called to be a RS teacher and I had to teach just this last Sunday. I have NEVER taught before! and I HATE speaking in front of people so you can imagine how nervous I was!!  I was up till 4:30AM because at about 1 am I changed my whole lesson and started over! But luckily I already had most of the material I just had to revamp it and make it flow.  People said they liked my lesson, but I would say it went ok, but hey it's over and done, until next month.....

She thought this hat was so cool and was smiling and flailing her arms (as you can tell) and kept it on for an hour until I put her to bed.

She is learning to pull herself up on her knees and her feet!

She loves hats!!

She wouldn't sleep the other night so I put in Tangled 
I swear she didn't blink for the first five minutes.
needless to say my trick of putting in a movie only worked for fifteen minutes after that she didn't care about the movie.

Mike has been working EXTREMELY hard on school. He is doing a fantastic job!! But some days he is at school until 2 am.  Last night he ended up pulling an all nighter to get a paper written to the perfection he liked :) But he is asleep right now and so is Hannah, so we are all doing well right now! haha :)

Hannah has had a few rough nights this week.
We had to have a family camp out on the living room floor the other night because she would not sleep in her bed.  She slept from 4:30am to 7am.  She only truly slept on the couch at 8am and didn't wake up until 12:45pm!! It was a long night for all of us!

I think mom needs a nap now....

This is what happens when dad changes your diaper...

The other morning I opened my phone to look at the weather....

Yesterday we got dressed and went shopping. 
I totally didn't even realize we were matching until right before we left the house!
White vests, green shirts, and blue jeans :)

My pretty girl is 7 months old!!

And now the exciting news!.....

I gained about 50 lbs. during my pregnancy and thought I would lose the weight fast because of my build but was nervous I wouldn't and wanted to be pretty much back in shape for the summer.  (I know high hopes).  But like I said I thought it would be fairly easy for me.

Summer 2014 (before)

Hannah's baby blessing
(two months after birth)

Well I really wanted to action and get back in shape as fast as I could. So I started doing my pilates workout I did when I was pregnant until I got the strength back to do a full on workout doing 30 day shred.  I did that for awhile until I noticed my dear friend from back home was a Beach body coach and had a neat program set up.  I was worried to start but Mike convinced me to go ahead.
And the rest is history! It has been THE BEST decision of my life to get back into shape fast and effectively.

I started Beach body in June or July and on my 30th birthday in Oct. I weighed myself, before I left the house for a lunch date, and I had hit my pre-pregnancy weight!!! So I tried on my old shorts and they fit! Talk about feeling good on your 30th birthday!
Family pictures Labor Day weekend!
(And I'm even down some pounds from this picture!)

Earlier this week I decided to take the plunge! I signed up to be a Beach body coach!!

Since about July I have been contemplating to become a Beach body coach myself because heck why not! But I got a little scared and never signed up and have just been a participant and it's been a great blessing!

 I have decided to become a coach and help others who are looking to better their lives and improve their health and have a healthy lifestyle! It has truly been the best and most fun I've had getting in shape! Of course nothing is going to beat being on the high school track team being in the best shape of my life and loving that.  But this is pretty darn close!! I love what Beach body stands for and how the program works! I have never felt better about myself and life and my health.  If I don't workout I feel sluggish and am not as happy as the days when I do workout.  And of course when you workout everything else follows.  You want to eat healthier, and the positive thoughts and actions follow as well!! It truly is a life style change and blessing!!

Let me know if would like to join in on the fun! :)

The Dukes

Friday, October 16, 2015

Well I hope you read the previous post because you could learn A LOT about me :)
I'm not usually a public person about my life in that sense so I hope you enjoyed it! :)

As I sit here, it's 7:30pm.  My daughter fell asleep about 30 minutes ago and I don't know what to do! This is early for her! So much I want to do. So much time. What should I start with?!?!

I am reflecting on my past:
Being a newlywed and traveling all the time. I LOVED IT! Not to say I don't love my life right bow because I do. It's just a fun memory I have of my husband and I traveling together all over the world :)  I can't wait to make future memories with little miss :)
I miss working. I miss the office I worked at for so long.  They became my second family and I adore them so much! I'm itching to go back to work; maybe one or two days a week.  But knowing what to do with little miss is hard.  I miss the amazing patients. The amazing parents.  The amazing community. And my amazing co workers and boss[es]. I miss talking to them and getting to know their own families.  I don't know/think they miss me as much.  Sadly.
I also miss visiting my sister like twelve times a week, just because :)

I am reflecting on the present:
Moscow, ID is actually pretty amazing itself! I know I had a huge long post about hating it and wanting to leave but I have learned that I actually really love it! I never thought I would say that only two months into the move. So yes, I'm eating my words and regretting that post; just a little bit haha.
My hubby LOVES school; which is HUGE and SO IMPORTANT!! BUT it's really hard on little miss and I. We HARDLY see him. And when we do he is needing to catch up on sleep or hurry in and out the door for the next thing. He is working so hard and I can't imagine how draining and stressful it is, and how much reading is involved! I would NEVER survive all that reading! And being called on in class, That's just not my thing haha. But he loves school and is learning so much! He is soaking it all in! I have made some good friends here and am starting to get to know more people so little miss and I are surviving, barely haha. We like to go on walks with our friend (who's husband is also in school with my hubby) with her little girl.  We find a different walking trail every time. It's a lot of fun! I am trying to find some fun crafts to do to fill my time when I'm not doing the normal daily routine mommy wife stuff :) The ward keeps us busy with play dates, bunco night, girls night, VTing, and ward activities :)
Little miss is growing up SO fast!! I wish I could just run her over to my mom's or sisters to show her off and all the fun cute things she is doing :) But they live HOURS away :( sadly :(

I am reflecting on the future:
How will we be different when he is done with the first year of grad school? second year? graduation?! How will little miss be different?! will there be another little one? how will I look? (as I am obvisouly getting really old!) How will the hubby be different? What will he look like? He is slowly losing weight and getting smarter :)
Where will we be living? Will we be in an apartment forever? What will our house look like? Will we ever pay off these school loans?? How will I be different? Head full of grey? thinner? thicker? Pregnant? more organized? working? How will my business have grown?
So many wonders and questions.
I'm enjoying the moment we are here. Making friends. Learning about Moscow. Trying new things. Learning new things. Exploring. Having fun and just enjoying the moment :)

Couldn't have asked for a better experience.  I love new adventures :)

Thanks honey for all your hard work and for letting me a mom :)

The Dukes

                                          A great day trying on our winter clothes :)

This year was the big 3-0 and kind of depressing that I have to say that number. But I don't feel that old.  And don't feel like I look that old.

The Palouse Paradise Trail follows this old railroad

We found some hats and were trying them on.  Of course the zebra one I missed her smile. 

Just enjoying the mom moments.  
She has never laid her head on my shoulder like this :) 
It melted my heart and assured me that this is what it's all about and to let her know you care and love her.  So we hung out for a little while letting chores wait :)

She is SIX whole months old already!

Friday, October 9, 2015

October 9th

To honor my ‘milestone’ birthday I thought I’d give you some interesting facts about myself.  Some you may know, some you may not.

In no particular order:

I hate birthdays; only mine though so don’t worry
I’m not a huge sweets fan, and yes even chocolate is on that list
I LOVE traveling!!
My favorite color is pink J
I love taking pictures, but DO NOT consider myself a photographer; I leave that to my pro friends J

I love to be outside in the fresh air
Favorite season is summer
Second favorite season is fall; leaves change colors, purposefully walking on the colored leaves to hear the Crunch, sweaters, jeans, boots, and cute hats.
I love doing arts and crafts
I love scrapbooking; paper or digital

I enjoy spicy food; bring it on!
I am a workaholic
I’m an Idahoan; born and raised in the Boise area
I have never lived outside of Idaho (except that one time I spent like 6 months in China and ate too many Oreo’s and now hate them)
I taught English to college students in China for four months then taught grade school for about one month (with my husband)

I am one year older than my husband ;)
I love to tease my husband, pick on him and hide from him; poor guy
My husband and I LOVE watching HGTV together J
Some day I want to be on the Amazing Race! I LOVE that show!
I have THE cutest baby (sorry everyone)

I have never been to Disneyland
I never went to Prom
I have never been to a guy ask girl dance
I made it to Districts for track three years in a row
I enjoy running; even after my friend said sternly, while walking the streets of New York; and I quote; “Lanae,… RUN.” so I did.   She may have saved our lives.

I hate tomatoes and onions and mushrooms
I want to meet Carrie Underwood one day and become her best friend
I’m kind of OCD
I worked as a dental assistant for almost 10 years; I quit one month before I had my baby J
I do NOT drink pop; if you do see me take a sip prepare to laugh at my squeamish face.

I graduated high school AGES ago!
You will NEVER guess my middle name!!  (hint: I don’t have one) 
I did NOT take drivers Ed, but Can drive a manual J
I took clogging lessons (along with my brothers, haha) from my aunt in middle school and wish I could continue lessons; is it too late to find a studio you think? I’m thinkin’ NOT!
I can wiggle my ears like President Monson… ;)

I was in choir all through middle school and high school
I love the Fast and Furious movie series
My brother broke my collarbone. JUST KIDDING. But really I have broken my collarbone; playing basketball with my two older brothers and they softly nudged me out of the way (because it’s basketball) and I fell on the church gym floor and broke my collarbone (I was three years old).
In Kindergarten I fell out of the swing backwards and passed out
I am a snooze button pusher

I love my husband and my family! J

(There was only supposed to be as many as I am old, but I found my life was more interesting than I thought, so don’t go back and count because that is NOT how old I am!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September - and a few repeats

Moscow is a great place! It's growing on us.  I know I didn't LOVE it whenI first moved here but I'm learning to love my new home.  We are learning/hearing about things to do in the area so we are trying to keep our ears open and see what Moscow has to offer :)

For example Mike plays soccer on the "law students team" once a week :)  Hannah and I watch and cheer him on :)

Isn't she sooo cute :)

I kept thinking all the bottles were washed/in the dishwasher.  But when I started the dishwasher again I noticed not all the bottles were in the cupboard.  I thought about it,  Then it came to me to look in her diaper bag…THERE IS THE OTHER BOTTLE!! BLECK! That bottle had been in her diaper bag for two days; since during church on Sunday. I kept it on the counter for Mike to enjoy when he got home from school haha.

For date night that week we heard about the local fair and that there was no entrance fee! So Mike showed up early from school and took his girls to the fair and walked around and looked at the animals and photography and ate the popular fair curly fries.

I had a pretty bad week a few weeks ago and on the way home from running a few errands I decided we needed to stop at the park and hang out for a bit :) She LOVED it! :)

She was starting to wake up and get fussy so I went to check on her and this is what I found hahaha, I couldn't help but run and grab the camera to take a picture.  

She has been fighting a stuffy nose this last week. And it was just about bed time.  I knew she was blowing bubbles but I didn't realize she was THIS wet! AND had been smearing snot ALL OVER her! in her hair, clothes, face, hands and arms.  Poor girl :(

My cute daughter eating my purse 

She is a sweet, peaceful sleeper :)

Since she had a stuffy nose we stayed inside all week to play and take lazy relaxing mornings :)

Mommy and me time with new Mary Kay nail polish! :)
It only took about an hour to pain them and clean up the mess; because she was so wiggly :)

Saturday we took a stroll on the local Latah Trail that runs from Pullman, WA to Troy, ID. 
We found an entrance to the trail closer to Troy and walked for about 45 minutes. 

On the way home from the General Women's broadcast for church I snapped this picture just outside of our apartment :)

Sunday we got invited to our friends daughter's first birthday party; Hannah's first birthday party!
And then enjoyed the Super moon eclipse for a few hours Sunday night :)

Tonight's FHE as a ward we hiked up Moscow Mountain and enjoyed the scenes of a Moscow, ID sunset :)  

Todays' sight during lunch hour :)

The Dukes :)