Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dec. '15 - Jan '16

It's been a busy few months. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and now we are a week from February! Where did the time go?! And A LOT has happened!!

We went to WA to my brothers house for Thanksgiving for a few days.  And little miss Hannah ate pretty much every thing we did!

Then Mike finished his first semester of grad school and did AWESOME!!

(Hannah and I locked our selves in the bathroom to get ready for our date night with daddy after his last final of the semester!)

For Christmas we went to western WA to Mike's parents house.  It was so nice to be able to see Mike every day ;) and just relax with family :) She loved roaming/crawling around and playing with her cousins :)

Hannah learned how to climb stairs while we were there; Yes, she went all the way up by her self!!

First attempt to see Santa...

First First Christmas as a family of 3 and first ponytail 😀 
I love the holidays with kids! 
Yes, I have to shower and put makeup on before opening gifts on Christmas morning, any one else have to do the same?!

Second attempt to see Santa; local Walmart

Happy New Year!!

This semester has been a rough start for all of us; the first week of school we all got sick. When Mike got sick he missed a few days of school, so he is still trying to play catch up.  But I think he only has one or two assignments left!!  

And we have been enjoying some time in the snow! :)

She LOVED walking in the snow!!

The Dukes

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Jessie said...

Love your blog and seeing pictures of the little lady!